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Crafting holiday homes for your anytime stay, generating income while you're away.

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Avoid the wait for off-plan properties or worries about purchasing older homes needing renovation, especially without local expertise. Our agency streamlines the process, helping clients create their dream holiday home that is profitable and hassle-free.

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Explore ourcarefully curated holiday homes meticulously sourced and designed with Airbnb hosting in mind.

My Prettiest Investment Property!

Choosing Stralias in late 2023 was a decision we’re glad we made. Jerry’s expertise led him to secure a property for us within a week, negotiating $30,000 below the asking price. His passion was evident in managing the entire renovation swiftly, completing it before the new year, just a month after settlement. Team Stralias’ professionalism and transparency were commendable, keeping us informed and confident. We’d work with them again without hesitation.

Tony & Joy

Owner - The Coastal


Why Stralias is right for you

Discover our journey and explore our regularly updated insights, case stories, and behind-the-scenes moments.

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How did stralias build so much trust with our customer base?

Stralias earns trust through transparency, expertise, consistency, client-focus, and accountability. Our open communication, exceptional results, and client-centric approach build strong, reliable relationships. With expertise and commitment, we deliver outstanding service and results, ensuring client confidence in every interaction.

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Book a private consultation with Jerry, our founder and managing director, bringing extensive experience in the Gold Coast real estate industry since 2018. With expertise as a selling agent, managing Airbnb properties, and successfully flipping real estate, Jerry has assisted over 100 clients in their Gold Coast property acquisitions. Benefit from his invaluable insights and expertise to navigate your real estate journey with confidence.

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